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This was requested :)
As before, the other challenges will stay open until they get enough entries to vote on, feel free to skip challenges, and just do the ones you like! (Sometime down the road, there will be a four faces of Ruby challenge *grins*)

Make up to four icons
Use caps given or find your own
LJ standards
Animation is allowed

Subject: Genevieve Cortese as Ruby. Other characters can be included in the icon, but she must be a main focus. Text, textures etc, all allowed!

RubyCollapse )

While we wait for icons

Let's play a little game. I'll answer here. You guys answer in comment (which I'll open, unless you ask me not to)


Sam or Dean:  um...um...I'm half and half, maybe a little more Sam
Favorite recurring character:  Castiel
Favorite Season: Three
Favorite Episode: Hollywood Babylon
The apocalypse: Angels/Demons/HumansHUMANS
Best use of Music: episode "Nightshifter", STYX "Renegade" as they walk out of the building in riot gear
Best Car Song: Eye of the Tiger (esp the outtake)
Favorite Bad Guy: Ruby
Favorite Good Guy (not Sam or Dean, or Bobby) ASH
Best Holiday Themed Episode: It's the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester

I plan on doing more of these as well, plus, we can talk about the episodes!!! Please, help get the word out :) I really want this to be an icon challenge, but maybe we can talk the show too! Do you know someone who maybe doesn't want to make icons, but might like to talk about the show, or even snag an icon or two (with permission?) Send them our way!!!

Challenge #2

So far, we have 1 entry. I'm leaving this open an extra week!

Please, turn some icons in, and feel free to find others interested in Supernatural!

Challeneg 2: REMINDER

Bond of brothers is due on Sat!

Challenge #2: Bond as Brothers

Sam and Dean must be in all icons
animation is allowed
text/textures etc is allowed
Lj standards 100x100 etc
Use caps given or find your own
Make up to four icons
Due March 27th at midnight

Challenge #1 will stay open and will be referred to time to time until we get icons for the contest :)

If you want to find your own caps: http://www.screencap-paradise.com/?cat=5

What do you think family is for? To make you Happy? It makes you miserable, that's what family means!Collapse )

Challenge 1: REMINDER

Hey guys, I want to thank you for joining (and feel free to pimp us out and get us more artists!)

Challenge #1 SPNIcontst Icons are due the 20th! We've had 0 entries!

I uploaded a few caps here: http://community.livejournal.com/spnicontest/1564.html which are all season 1. They do not have to be!

You can get caps from Screencap Paradise up through the end of Season 4.

You can use any cap, can be animated, etc. Must be LJ format (100x100 px and 40k and under).

I'd really like to see some icons, and get this community going!

PS: My icon? It should read "Got Salt"? but never got to it *grin*

Challenge 1: Some caps

Now,I know there are better caps out there, but sometimes it's easier to start a contest with caps. So here are a few, to get your motors runnin'!

SPN Caps, s1 Collapse )

Challenge 1: SPN Icon for the Challenge

We still have 0 entries!

We really could use some, as mine was done quickly with hopes of people going "ech, I can do better than that!"

Due March 20th.

Challenge 1: Reminder

(remember this is tongue in cheek, I love Bobby Singer :)

See if you can't get others to join too! Pimp us out!

And I'm looking forward to seeing your icons!

Icons are Due March 20th, at Midnight PST

Challenge 1: SPN Icon

We need a group icon! It can be anyone from the show "Supernatural" and has to say on it "spnicontest".

Make up to five icons
Still or animated
LJ standards apply
Due March 20th (we may have another challenge while this one goes)

Here's where to find up through S4 caps: http://www.screencap-paradise.com/?cat=5
I'm not sure where to find S5, but go for it!