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Supernatural Icontest!
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Supernatural Icontest
Welcome to spnicontest! An i contest community dedicated to the show "Supernatural". This will go on episodes, quotes, themes, etc.

Moderators: aladriana

1. This is not a stillness community, animation is allowed
2. Don't post your icon anywhere before the results of the contest.
3. Don't tell your friends to vote for you.
4. Don't vote for yourself.
5. Make sure your submission fits LJ's size standards. 100x100 40k etc. Can be smaller, however.
6. Unless otherwise stated, all quote challenges are NOT to go with their original episode.
7. Don't take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission. Stealing, hotlinking, etc will get you banned.
8. Submit your icon as a reply to the challenge. Comments are screened. When commenting with your submission, please include the img src and url versions like this:


Challenges go up
Icons due: One week after challenge goes up
Voting goes up: The day after challenges are due
Winners go up : One week after voting
We do give banners. There isn't a set schedule due to everyone's outside life *grin*.

Voting is weighted as follows:
Each 1st Place vote: 3pts.
Each 2nd Place vote: 2pts.
Each 3rd Place vote: 1pt.
You can only win two places, you can not win all three. This does not count for extra votes and Mod's choice

There will be an affiliate post if you'd like to affiliate. (Let me know if you have buttons)

Affiliates: joss_by_episode/giles_stills/stocktest/asianicontest/spn2for10